Alternative to OpenFlashCharts 2?

(Thomas Seifert) #1

Hey folks,

is there any alternative to the openflashcharts charting tool used planned?
The developer himself seems to have abandoned the project -> link . So its just the way it is now.
This might work for some more time, even years, I’m just wondering as I’m using OFC2 in my projects too.


(Fabian Becker) #2

Yeah I’d love to see some alternative too. I think after finishing the planned Alerts plugin I’m gonna focus on working out a solution to make Open Flash Charts interchangable with other solutions (jqPlot seems nice - and proper licenced).

As the OFC2 developer pointed out - the charts work and there is no reason (yet) to turn away from OFC2.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

I think the current flash are nice and work well. There is a Mobile app coming for those on iPhone/iPad/Android which will show graphs.

I think the next best graph technology will be SVG, but there is no lib today that has the feature set of OFC