Alternative to Cron



The feature to get rid of old stats to have a smaller database was a most wanted and is really welcomed.

But, not all hosting services permit usage of Cron.
Per example, i’m hosted on Quebec IT with the basic shared hosting package. That package give me more than enough disk space and bandwidth usage. Thoses had many increased since i switch to them, for the same price. But, that package doesn’t do SSH and Con jobs.

The next shared hosting package would make me pay double price per year for the sole benefit of been able to do Cron jobs. Yes, that package also include double disk space and unlimited bandwidth, but i dont even have full usage of my basic package yet. All my sites currently only use 458.72 MB of space (including Piwik files and database).

So, is there some alternative to using Cron so we dont loose stats and still be able to compare stats yearly ?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

The scheduled task should also be executed without cron, when visitors trigger your site. Did you actually see the log deletion run and not delete old stats?