All websites dashboard not refreshing


All websites dashboard stopped refreshing a while ago. It’s not new to me as it happened from time to time but usually lasted a couple of days (I’ve been using Piwik/Matomo since 2014). Now it’s almost been a month. All traffic is registered but the general dashboard seems to be stuck around the first week of April (first website on the screenshot) and not showing other websites at all. Deleting temp files doesn’t help.


Matomo 3.4.0. My websites and Matomo are on a hosted service and have limited access to PHP and database settings but the support is really helpful so they might assist if I tell them what to do. Thanks!

So, basically my CRON job failed for some reasons and there was no browser-triggered refresh. Now it works (CRON does not but that’s another story). Fixed, can be closed.

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