All Visitor Log shows 404/URL


We’ve been using Piwik for 2 websites and recently just noticed that for one of the website, the “Visitors -> Visitor Log” entries shows all links as 404/URL while all the link are actually fine. Google Analytics shows them fine also.

Both Websites that log to Piwik are Wordpress sites.

I’ve searched the forums for something similar and can’t find any references to how to trouble-shoot this problem.

Anyone experienced this before?


Hi. It’s been over a month since posting this query.

Just giving it a bump!

Anyone have any idea why this happens?

This happens on the 2.14.3 version.

We’ll be updating to the latest 2.15.0 this week sometime but would still hope to have this answered by somebody?

Hi there,

Check your Piwik JavaScript code that you didn’t include this 404 in there? it looks like you track the data wrong