All stats are empty expect for the visitor log,in export all data is there

(van beek) #1

I am running piwik since 2011,
When i log in in the visitor log i see all hits and visits to my websites, but all the other graphs and lists are just telling 0.
the database is full of entry’s but on the site there is nothing showing.

if i export to csv from the tabel visits over time, i see all my data.

is there a way to rebuild the data in piwik? or importing old data into a new install, so i dont loose all my history? but make the site work again.

I upgraded to version 2.15

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Have you setup: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Also maybe this helps: How do I reprocess all websites, all dates and all periods, after initial import of logs? - Analytics Platform - Matomo