Alexa Toolbar Detection

Hi all, I’m not sure where I should post this question.

Would anyone know if there is a plugin for Piwik that detects the Alexa Toolbar? I am wondering, if Piwik detects Flash, Silverlight, and what not which sounds to me as more difficult, why wouldn’t it be able to detect Alexa which is shown in the user agent string? Does anyone know how to go about creating such plugin?

Thanks in advance

Even Webalizer detects the Alexa toolbar? How in the world and why wouldn’t Piwik be able to do the same? I think my question is simple. Is anybody going to comment. Is it like, who cares about Alexa? Well who cares about Silverlight? Who cares about RealPlayer?

Piwik can do the same of course, however it is not done yet. please create a ticket on the issue tracker:

Thank you Matt, I submitted a ticket :slight_smile: