Aggregating multiple stats for a summary page?

(nci) #1


We are using phpmyvisites right now, and it works great however it’s pretty slow at displaying today’s stats for about 12 sites with a total of around 10,000 unique visitors. But the one thing I do like is it’s summary page which shows all the stats for all sites in a nice table.

Does piwik have something similar? I didn’t see it in the demo.

Does anyone use piwik on high traffic sites with 20-30k visitors a day? Any performance issues?

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Duh, didn’t see the ‘all websites’ link at the top left!

Still curious to know how this performs with 20-30k unique visitors a day, with maybe 2-3 per person if anyone is currently experiencing something similar.

(vipsoft) #3

There are some index changes in 0.5.5 which should improve tracking performance.