After Update - Error: You can't access this resource as it requires 'view' access for the website id = 1


after upgrading Piwik vom Version 3.8.1 to Version 3.9.1 i get the following Error at Login as superuser (local admin):

"Error: You can't access this resource as it requires 'view' access for the website id = 1."

I stopped all services (httpd and MySQL), unzip the new files in the directory und override the config.ini.php file. Additionally i also update my plugins (securityInfo to 3.0.6 and LoginLdap to 4.0.6).

Please, can anybody help me. I’m a newbie with piwik.
Thank you

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I agree with Thomas that my only guess is that some files got corrupted.
Maybe try instead of overwriting the files from the zip, to completely replace all files (after a backup of course) by renaming the original folder and creating a fresh one from the download zip and only move over the config.ini.php


thanks for your reply. I created a freh one and moved only my config.ini.php and my required plugins (securityInfo to 3.0.6 and LoginLdap to 4.0.6) but i get the same error-message.

I also try it without install the plugins with the same result…

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We had the issue issue with the latest version
Matomo version: 3.11.0
MySQL version: 5.6.16
PHP version: 7.3.7
As @markus003 did, we reinstalled the software using fresh files and upgraded 3.11.0. The issue started at 3.10 version. Super Users get this message after a 10-15 mins and are forced to login.

Hi, same here. After upgrading to 3.11.0 some API calls to reports are failing requiring the ‘view’ access when using the superuser token (widgets are ok for now) but funny enough, they work with the anonymous user with ‘view’ access.

Hi have you find a solution? i ve got the same difficulties

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I got the same problem. But in my case the problem was due to incorrect token_auth so I copied the correct token_auth from Matomo and the problem solved :stuck_out_tongue:

The solution for me was to edit the suhosin7 config because the token_auth was blocked. Since last month we use snuffleupagus as php hardening tool and it works also nice with matomo.

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Still hitting this 2 years later in 4.9.0
This is still the most recent thread on these error messages (I think).
There are no clues in the web UI about components that might need attention. I’ll post back here if we make progress.
[mods, pls Let me know if this needs to be moved to be made a new thread.]

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