After Matomo version 3.13, how can we keep the behaviour of UserID as one visit session as before

We have just update to 3.13, and it breaks the existing behaviour that, if we fire a HTTP API with same UserID/uid, within 30 min the session will court as the existing visit. As the API mention in the Tracking HTTP API documentation.

The story is that:

  1. User visit other page with JS Tracking Client, we have also attach the UserID to the script
  2. User will finally reach a payment page and paid the products
  3. As we only trust the system to confirm the payment, We program the system to fire via “HTTP API with UserID”

When we are on 3.12, the visitor log show all the steps and the goal triggered correct as “a session”
Once we are on 3.13, the log as almost the same, but the final goal steps is separated from the session.
Anything we can do about this? Do we need to get the Visitor ID for the system to fire using “HTTP API”?

Thanks in advance!

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