After 2.16.2 update old archive tables are gaining size

My total database size was 130 M but after the update it reached more than 1G overnight. Changing the “Delete old archived reports” settings and “Purge DB now” didn’t do a thing.
Due to database size limitations of my host provider I deleted the piwik_archive_blob and piwik_archive_numeric tables except for the last and current months, using phpMyAdmin. The total size of database was 180 M more than before the start but acceptable.

Now a day later, those deleted tables are back and had gained size! and my database size has reached 800 M.

Hello, what Piwik version do you use? please upgrade to latest as we did improvements a few months back, in case you are using an older version. If you use the latest version already please create an issue in our tracker: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub

Didn’t the post title give away what version he’s using? “After 2.16.2 update old archive tables are gaining size”

I made an issue in github.