AdWords Tracking

Hi all,

We are running Piwik 1.2 and are having issues with tracking visitors from AdWords.

Before 1.2 when visitors came through AdWords (with auto tagging enabled) it would display the keyword used and in the Actions/Pages (under visitor log) it would show the landing URL with /?gclid=123 (or whatever). However, I have noticed that this is no longer happening. Piwik is only showing the landing page URl with no tags after it… Why is this? How can I change this to function as before?


in core/Tracker/Action.php remove “gclid” at line 81

Thanks. That fixed it… What is this and why has it been added to the code in the latest version?

I added it on personal feeling, maybe that was wrong. Can you explain why it was useful to have gclid in URLs? I would consider removing it again…

Well as a simple/quick way of seeing which visitors came in through AdWords - without having to manually tag etc - we would just go to the visitor log page and search for “gclid”. This would then allow us to quickly see what keywords were used to visit a site through AdWords - then allowing for adwords changes/optimisations etc…

Matt having adwords separation is important when one measures adwords campaigns. Also for SEM, its a quick way to see the difference between paid and organic search keywords results. GA has its own section reporting of this for reference.