Adwords campaign rejected. For Google Matomo javascript is a Malware

I have an Agency account and any site with Pikwik and Matomo .JS files are getting flagged with Malicious Software and all accounts are suspending ads.

Can someone offer any assistance with an existing Google case ID that shows that this is not malware?

It seems that Google does not like competing analytics platforms, and is trying to strong-arm anyone not using Google Analytics.

We need to all do something about this. There is no reason we shouldn’t have the choice to use our own software.

@David_Scarpitta - just sent you an email to gather more info. Thanks for your patience.

Here is an update on the status: we had 3 new reports of this issue occurring in the last 2 months. It seems the issue is not the same as before as there are less people affected. So If you experience this issue and haven’t yet commented here, or emailed us at (and heard back from me) then please contact us now!

Thanks for the email.

I replied with everything you requested. However, I will be honest that there are probably people that aren’t reporting the issue and are just converting to GA.

It’s painstakingly difficult for them to address this one site at a time. I have had about 10 sites now that this has happened on. Even if they lift the one site, and we get it cleared, does that mean we have to go through process to clear every account?

Is there a way you guys can contact someone higher up, and that we can reference when dealing with this issue?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Matthieu,

Any update on this ridiculous situation that Google is putting us through?


November 2nd and we are running into the same issue. I work at a digital marketing agency and we are onboarding a new client. Our Google campaigns were disapproved and upon investigation, we’ve discovered it is because the client uses Matomo. It is frustrating that Google is being so uncooperative and seems to be using this to their advantage; it seems illegal and unethical. Have any solutions been found?

Same problem here - started new campaign in Google Ads, and all ads are disapproved.

@mrsashko @Bethany_Pavlock we have just reached out to your email to ask the additional info.

@David_Scarpitta sorry we haven’t heard back yet, but will again ping our contact and try get this escalated. if nothing changes in the next few weeks, we will have to try something new and reach to people in a different way/channel maybe.

Finally got around to re-enabling Matomo, just the script, not the Tag Manager so far. I’ve had a live GA campaign for 4 days now and everything seems to be fine. Will let you know if anything changes and I’ll test out the Tag Manager now.

I’ve just had my campaigns Disapproved again due to Malicious software.

Hi @nicw

We’ve just reached out vie email to for some additional information.

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