AdvancedCampaignReporting-1.2.0 Plugin On very Big DataBase

We have a very big Data Base, including millions of records (piwik_log_visit).
I’m interested in using the AdvancedCampaignReporting-1.2.0 plugin.
I understand that the piwik_log_visit table should be altered, Will it take long to apply the changes over the Big Data Base?
Does anybody know what are the implications, must I stop the tracking while adding the plugin ?
Is there a Minimum Version of Piwik that I should use (we have the 2.4 version) ?

Adding the plugin in large databases takes a long time, it depends on the version of MySQL you are using if it can be done without much downtime.

I have used Percona’s pt-online-schema-change (pt-online-schema-change) that can do an ALTER with very little downtime. It does, however, require adding a TRIGGER to the table.

Like found here:

The other way you could do it, is by setting Piwik in maintenance mode, commandline activating the plugin and replay the webserver logfiles afterwards using log-analytics (Log Analytics tool - Analytics Platform - Matomo).