Administration->System->Anonymous User - menu option missing!?!?

We have three environments (TEST/Linux, PROD/Windows, PROD-to-be/Linux).

  • All three environments are at version 3.14.1.
  • Windows environment uses MySQL 5.7.22 and PHP 7.3.17
  • Linux environments use MySQL 8.0.23 and PHP 7.3.32

As a super-user, when we sign into our PROD/Windows environment, we can see/use the Administration->System->Anonymous User menu option; however, in our other two environments (TEST/Linux & PROD-to-be/Linux), we do/can NOT see the Administration->System->Anonymous User menu option!?!?

Anyone seen this before?

For anyone that cares on this…

I discovered a site admin had granted the “anonymous” user view access to their site. Previously, the anonymous user did not have any privs to see any sites…

When view access to a site was granted to the anonymous user, the “Administration->System-> Anonymous User menu option” auto-magically appeared… When I removed the view access, the Administration->System-> Anonymous User menu option disappeared… :slight_smile:

Mystery solved…