Admin panel not loading - JSMin

Hi everyone, I hope you can help.

I installed a fresh copy of Piwik 1.12 on an Ubuntu server with nginx and php-fpm behind a Cloudflare proxy. I kept me as the user of all the files and changed the group to www-data with 0775 permissions which got me through the installation.

My dashboard and all other pages take 10-15 seconds to load. No widgets are shown, no data comes through. php-fpm is stuck at 100% CPU during this time.

I have -

  • checked autodetection of Cloudflare in config
  • set sessions to use dbtable
  • cron’d the stats update
  • disabled update on page load
  • disabled all plugins except the login one

So I ran through the code and poked about a bit. The problem happens when the Javascript is loaded. If I comment out “$content = JSMin::minify($content);” in generateMergedJsFile() of AssetManager.php it loads fine.

Has anyone else come across this? Have I broken something? Please help :slight_smile:

EDIT: Narrowed down the problem a bit more

It turns out the server was really low spec - I guess JSMin was the most resource hungry and ground the server to a halt. Upgraded the hardware and all is good now!