Admin login not working


This morning I found that my admin login for piwik was no longer working. I found this article and followed the instructions there. No joy - I am still being told that I do not have the right username/password. Is that information outdated? If so what is the right way to fix this in Piwik 2.9?

I’d much appreciate any help.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there, these instruction should be up to date


Thanks. I’d like to say you are right but there has to be something else here. I eventually got Piwik to change my admin password - the way it goes about it: allow a password edit that is then applied after an email confirmation is interesting. Looking at the relevant table row I found that the hash generated by Piwik was not the same as the one I got from running the SQL command. Are newer versions of Piwik salting strings prior to MD5ing them? It does not matter since the problem is now solved but I am curious…