Admin links not working, e.g. full reporting

Several links in Matomo admin pages are not working for me, they all redirect to blank pages. It’s those marked with the external arrow and all links in Privacy & GDPR tab.

When following “Reporting” link for example, which has this target:


it redirects to:


When viewing page source it’s completely empty.

I just installed the plugin v0.2.5 for the first time. Installation went fine (uploaded zip in WP). WP_debug didn’t show related errors.


Do you by chance have set up your webserver (so probably the .htaccess file) so that it doesn’t execute PHP in the plugins directory directly?

No, I didn’t do something like this, at least wittingly. Can’t find anything like this in the .htaccess.

Since it didn’t work I switched to your on premise solution and the WP-Matomo Plugin, which seems to work fine.

I installed your new WP Plugin on another website were it seems to work fine. This site has much less plugins installed (only Shield Security and Duplicator). Both are also installed on the first site (In the beginning I assumed Shield plugin might block something but I think I block the same stuff on the other site).

The problematic site has more plugins running. Not much time to do beta testing here though.

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