Adding Visitor map to Website


Hi All!

I am very new here. Just got Wiki up and running and really like what’s has been created. Thanks.

Now, I have a self hosted website running wordpress and we have many international visitors. I have a map in the footer of my website showing where the visitors have come. I am using a service called clustermaps with a wordpress plugin. The problem is the service really boogs down my site. It is one of the main resource hogs.

Now that I have Piwik and see the visitor location map and we are able to collect this information ourselves, I was wondering if it was possible to add the map as a widget or iframe in my sites.

Has anyone embedded Piwik models/dashboard widgets into their site and can you share how this is done?

Thanks, Ricjh


Here you go: Embedding Piwik Reports in Other Websites or Apps - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Torcado — Thanks. I really did look for this but just missed it. This is a very well documented app. everything here is very professional!