Adding multiple Event Values to a Data Layer event


I looked everywhere for an answer to this but wasn’t able to find explicitly if it’s possible or not.

I am wondering if it’s possible to add multiple Event Values to a Data Layer Tag (for example, the value would be userId: {{userId}}, timeRegistered: {{timeRegistered}}) and have them show up like that in the visit log as an object or array?

Currently I have my custom event as such: _mtm.push({'event': 'customClickEvent', 'clickData': {'userId': user_id, 'timeRegistered': time_registered});

If I add more than one variable to the event value in the tag UI, it appears as such in the Visitors pane in Matomo: [Event] Click Events - customClickEvent - Click [0] whereas the 0 is all the data I want to see lumped together.

Am I able to have this happen or do I have to create a separate tag for every piece of data I want to track passed into the Data Layer?