Adding Goals get me multiple recordings for the same user

(Gorkde) #1

Since I added goals I have a problem the same users get recorded multiple times (same IP).

They get recorded and rech a goal (opening a defined page). In the next record for that user (all entries are the same) he does seem to not reach that goal (even if the opened page is there as well it got no flag) but reach another that is not marked as reacing a goal at the first entry for that user.

This started only after me adding goals and is not solved by dropping the archive tables and recreating them.

See screenshot

(I uploaded it but can not open it now. can you? I tried multiple times to upload)

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Can you try again to upload the file please?

Also, I have never noticed the bug. Would you be able to post steps to reproduce the issue (can you reproduce it from a new test piwik install ?)