Adding a link/menu item to the dashboard

Hi. I’ve just started to trial Piwik on my VPS and so far it looks great. The main site is built under Joomla and I’ve added an administrator menu link to the piwik dashboard so that I can click from my backend and go straight into the analytics. This works brilliantly BUT I would also like to do a ‘return’ so that, from the dashboard I could click on an icon or text link which would then take me back into the Joomla backend.

Is there a simple way to do this without hacking code?

The simplest obvious way would be to change the destination of the logout entry on the dashboard so that it went back to joomla’s backend instead of back to the piwik login…perhaps?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Best wishes
Chris (Bikerman


In the global.ini.php file (In the config directory) there is this:

; By default when user logs out he is redirected to Piwik “homepage” usually the Login form.
; Uncomment the next line to set a URL to redirect the user to after he logs out of Piwik.
; login_logout_url = http://…

I haven’t tried it but it seems likely.

Yes that sounds like it should work - I’ll give it a try…
Yep - brilliant that does it
Thank-you sir and well playes