Add 'visit_total_actions' in visitorinfo for hook Tracker.knownVisitorInformation


I am writing ECommerce plugin. And like google analytics, I want to show “page views before purchase” and “time spent before purchase”.
This is array visitorInfo by hook Tracker.knownVisitorInformation.

    [visitor_idcookie] => 71d3bf5eaf246a13b7e1f1344789553e
    [visit_last_action_time] => 1250668803
    [visit_first_action_time] => 1250667930
    [idvisit] => 55
    [visit_exit_idaction] => 3
    [idsite] => 1
    [visit_server_date] => 2009-08-19
    [time_spent_ref_action] => 194

We can see that it is easy to know “time spent before purchase”.
But I can’t know “page views before purchase” if I don’t modify “core/tracker/visit.php” .
Can piwik add this feature?

Total page views per visitor is not currently aggregated. Without a database schema change, the additional query would be a significant performance hit on the Tracker. Please create a feature request ticket in Trac.

In database, the table piwik_log_visit, what is “visit_total_actions” mean? Is it means that this visit have “visit_total_actions” pageview?

Unless I’m mistaken, that’s not what you want, but we can add it.

It seems that ‘total actions’ means the amount of visits for this idvisit according to my test. Maybe I have mistake in understanding pageview.
How can add this??

It’s still non-trivial to add. Currently, the Tracker doesn’t cache it in the cookie or SELECT it after it’s incremented.

cndark, in this case you might have to hook and select the data you need from the database, as vipsoft, we don’t select any data from piwik_log_visit, so doing it in core would add overhead.