Add site on piwik by api

I’m using the zend library service piwik to integrate my platform with

This is the code for the call to piwik:

$piwik = new Zend_Service_Piwik();
$response = $piwik->SitesManager()->queryApi(“SitesManager.addSite”, $params);

It gives me this error:

Message: One mandatory setting (tokenAuth, idSite, Host or Method) is

could help me solve it?

Thank you very much.

Sorry i’ve never used the Zend lib. Maybe it has a bug or maybe you are misusing it. The code of the lib should be simple so I suggest you try and look in the code to understand this error.

I think you cannot authenticate with ‘anonymous’ on the server in this module. You would be needing access rights to create new sites, I guess.