Add harcoded data into a table

Hi again guys, I’m trying to add some data to the table where the custom variables are displayed, but i can’t get it,

I added a new constant in the Piwik_Archive class, something like this:

This in the Controller.php (CustomVariable)
$view->setColumnsToDisplay( array(‘label’,‘nb_custom_data’,‘nb_visits’, ‘nb_actions’) );

This in ArchiveProcessing.php
static public function getCoreMetrics()
return array(

in the core/controller.php
$metricsForAllPeriods=array(‘nb_custom_data’,‘nb_visits’, ‘nb_actions’), $labelDisplayed=true)

in plugins/api/api.php
’nb_custom_data’ => ‘Custom Data’,

And now I want to add information in that new row, but I can’t do it, i don’t know how! can someone give me and example or tell me what I have to do?

Thanks in advance

Sorry we do not provide advanced coding support for free in the forums, however you are welcome to contact Pro services at:

Hi Matt, I sended an email yesterday to piwik@services but i have no answer, I want to know the cost and pay method of what i’m looking for.