Add device_type to log_visit table?

How can I add device_type (desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to the log_visit table? Would this be through use of a custom variable? I am using this page as a reference: Using Custom Variables in Piwik (Tutorial) - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I am a bit confused about how to code the third “VALUE” parameter, in order to display the device type found by device-detector.

@cdot such a report is available by default in Piwik. See Piwik Forums - Monday, January 8, 2018 - Web Analytics Reports - Piwik

I am aware of the report that is available in Piwik. But I would like to match device_type to each visit in the table, so I can create a data frame. Can this be done?

I see all the other “config” variables in the log_visit table, but am wondering if config_device_type can be added?

It’s already there. And here is the mapping for the numbers: device-detector/DeviceParserAbstract.php at 3.5.1 · matomo-org/device-detector · GitHub

Thanks! I haven’t actually checked the log_visit table (won’t have access to the .sql file for a few days). I was just reading through the variables listed in the db schema: Database schema: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

I’m assuming it’s not listed because the documentation is outdated?

Most likely yes. You can issue a pull request and update it here: