Add counter stats on header of my php site


Hi all,
I have a website written in php. I want use Pwiki to counter my stat, but I have a question:

How can I do to add the counter on top of header in my site? I read the documentation and I see the Json or xml. But what’is the script complete?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Maybe try the Piwik Counter plugin ? GitHub - Globulopolis/Counter: Display Hits/Visits on image. Display Hits/Visits/from Countries stats as text via ajax requests.


thanks for tips. I have install and apply this counter. But I have another questions:

  1. how can I do to set in my php page a textual counter without image? example: total visits: 198468
  2. how can I do to set counter stat start from 198468 visits? (this start value is the results of the old statistic system)
  3. What’s the db table where is writing the current total visits?