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I just added new goal(s) to a website never a goal was added before (Piwik 0.9; PHP Version 5.2.6-1+lenny8).
after adding, when i klick again in the menue on goal, no added goals are displayed (only at dashboard in goals-widget).
right now, the only chance to edit/display this fresh added goals is, to select a page with allreaddy defined goals (and datas) and after this pages dashboard is displayed, selecting there goals page, than at top right - not by just klicking on the name, only by typing some letters into the search box and than klicking on the right result - going back to the right website’s goals-page … than I get the propper menue, can see my defined goals and add/ manage/ change them.
I think, this behavior is not what was your intention was it should work?!

kind regards!

p.s.: when (after beeing lucky and getting the page and data displayed) I edit this above described goals, the first after loadin the goals-page works, the second stucks after klicking on update at this point, that loading data is displayed but nothin happens. the same takes place with adding a second goal after the first is added after loading the goal page.
p.p.s.: the newly added goals are not tracked - the goals are set as this: Visit a given URL + Pattern exact … there is no doubt about the input is correct: the URLs are copyed directly from the browser


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After you add a goal the edit and add a new goal links are at the bottom of the page under Goals Management.

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thx - I know how piwik works and where to find links … here are a lot of pages explaining how it works! but this is a real bug - it does not work.
The pic is not before adding some goals - it is AFTER adding SIX goals!

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try and delete your files in tmp/cache/tracker and it should work again?

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thx for your reply. Your suggestion to delete tmp/cache/tracker was helpful - but, unfortunately, did not whipe out the problem at all.
It was helpful by the following:
-now the newly added goals are there, when I go to page goals
-now the goals are tracked
It was not helpful by this:
-when I add/ edit a new goal and klick on add or edit to finish this task, it work (sometimes) by the first goal, but (allways and latest) at the second goal to be added/edited, it stops with the message Loading data (at this point, there should be a reload of the goals-page - but this does not happen)

Kind regards

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This should now be fixed in svn. It’ll be rolled out in the 1.0 release. If you can’t wait, here’s the patch:


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thx, i can wait style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif


thanks a lot deleting files worked for me! :slight_smile: