Actions=>Page Titles=>There is no data for this report!

More description:
for one day, let us say Oct, 8th, from morning to around noon, the page titles in Actions still works fine showing everything. After a while , for unknown reason, when click page titles again, it shows : There is no data for this report!

Solutions tired:
At the first place, i doubt that my mysql config may be wrong. So i modified the mysql config file, set max_allowed_packet=100M. also added wait_timeout=2880000 interactive_timeout = 2880000, however, it didn’t work.

I am using 1.12 piwik.
Any solution for this?


HELP needed!

it works for us. can you reproduce the issue ?

Thanks, Matt. Sure, the problems are still around. Any ways to look into this problem from the code level? I mean how to check the SQL query’s state by myself?

the error graphs are attached. I am sure that there are data in it!