Actions module -> Pages table: No data in this category

Hello everyone.

I have some problems with the Actions module of Piwik 0-2-28, especially with the Pages table: Every category in this table shows the text ‘No data in this category’, even if I include all population. There is no difference between the options include all population or exclude low population

I checked the code of that module and made a quick hack so that I can see the visits per page in a category again:
File /plugins/Actions/Controller.php, lines 140-147

		// computing minimum value to exclude
		require_once "VisitsSummary/Controller.php";
		$visitsInfo = Piwik_VisitsSummary_Controller::getVisitsSummary();
		$nbActions = $visitsInfo->getColumn('nb_actions');
		$nbActionsLowPopulationThreshold = floor(0.02 * $nbActions); // 2 percent of the total number of actions
		// we remove 1 to make sure some actions/downloads are displayed in the case we have a very few of them
		// and each of them has 1 or 2 hits...
		$nbActionsLowPopulationThreshold = min($visitsInfo->getColumn('max_actions')-1, $nbActionsLowPopulationThreshold-1);

In my case that can not work.
My website has about 900 page views per day, but most pages a viewed only 1-5 times a day.

Using the formula above, pages must be viewed 18 (2% of 900) – 1 = 17 times (lines 5 & 8 in the code box) to be in that table. And that are zero pages in my case style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif

Lowering the 2% to 1% (0.01 in line 5 of code box) shows more pages and lowering it to 0% shows all of them, as it was done with earlier Piwik versions.

Perhaps someone with more experience can check that module. I do not know if the problem is that the include all population-option does not work or if the 2%-1 is set to high.

A fix is in svn and will be included in the next update.