Actions Lost when Migrating Site

Currently, the site I work on tracks both global data with Piwik, using siteID 1 as the base javascript, as well as subdomain specific, creating a new site ID for things like projects or different types of nodes etc and tracking them as well. Our plan is to migrate just the global data as we have come to have a lot of overhead with node specific tracking and our global data shares much of the same data. I created an empty piwik database, copying the structure of the previous one to get the necessary tables, and using the SiteMigration plugin to migrate all of siteID 1 data. All of the data gets ported correctly, however, when I try to view anything Actions related, whether that be the Actions tab in the dashboard or making Actions.get API calls, everything is missing. Are metrics like pageviews and entry/exit pages reliant on the other sites to work or should the be created from the log_actions table?

Any help would be appreciated!