Actions.getActions: Urls instead of Title


First, thank you all for this great project, there is no better alternative, I really appreciate it!

Just a quick question, I want to get something like the ‘popular pages’ for a site (via API calls).
I think Actions.getActions is the right way to do that, but I always get page titles instead of urls (in both, label and full_url), can this be changed somehow?
What is the expanded option for, I couldn’t find any docs about those options

Thank you very much,

Hi Christoph,

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This sounds like a possible API bug.

Please provide me with the API code you are trying to use. We need to investigate it better.


I’m using a normal Actions.getActions call like this:

and the result rows look like this:

/This is my title This is my title

looks like a typo or so style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif guess it is using the title instead of the url


were you able to trace this issue?

this is actually a feature, but really looks like a bug. We have a ticket in trac:

what happens is that if you setup “piwik.piwik_action_name” to document.title, the URL won’t be recorded and won’t be dumped in the API output.

The plan, as explained in the ticket, is to record both values and provide API calls to get “top URLs (categorized by the character / in sub tables)” and “top titles”