Actions before login do not belong to the user id

Hey there, on the help page for the user id is written: “Any previously tracked action for this visitor before the user was logged in is also associated with this User ID”
This does not work for me. I get another visit for the landingpage before the user logs in and its not associated with the user id after the log in.

When I set the option enable_userid_overwrites_visitorid = 0, I get multiple user id: visitor id mappings.

Can someone help, and tell me, whats my problem?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @jMichaelis
Which version of Matomo do you use?
How do you track? (JavaScript, MTM, HTTP API, Server API, etc.)


Im using version 4.12.4 and im tracking with javascript

Is there no difference in the protocol (HTTP / HTTPS) or subsite ( / when the user becoming logged?
Do you use cookieless tracking? Third-party cookie?
I suggest you switch on enable_userid_overwrites_visitorid option…

Its both the same protocol and my sites are and
How do i know if i use cookieless tracking or third party cookies?

So I set the use_third_party_id_cookie = 1 but it does not change the behaviour
I dont call "requireCookieConsent at any time, just requiereConsent and for my test case the consent is given

@innocraft, do you know why such a behavior?