Action 'getCustomDimension' not found in the module 'CustomDimensions'

(Thomas Richter) #1

I have set up a couple of websites, all with the same set of custom dimensions for actions. For 2 of those websites this works just fine. For the rest, I get the above error message when I try to a access any of the custom dimension reports.

This is a new setup of matomo 3.7.0.

Any idea what might be wrong?

– Thomas

(Thomas Richter) #2

It works now. Not that I did anything - it healed itself.

– Thomas

(Siva Kumar Rallabhandi) #3

Finally found the solution for this, after few back and forth iterations of HTTPD service restart etc.

You have to clear the caches in the server with the following command -

cd /var/www/html/matomo
sudo ./console cache:clear

This should help address the problem.