Action 'getCustomDimension' not found in the module 'CustomDimensions'

I have set up a couple of websites, all with the same set of custom dimensions for actions. For 2 of those websites this works just fine. For the rest, I get the above error message when I try to a access any of the custom dimension reports.

This is a new setup of matomo 3.7.0.

Any idea what might be wrong?

– Thomas

It works now. Not that I did anything - it healed itself.

– Thomas

Finally found the solution for this, after few back and forth iterations of HTTPD service restart etc.

You have to clear the caches in the server with the following command -

cd /var/www/html/matomo
sudo ./console cache:clear

This should help address the problem.

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I’m getting this error with the “Matomo Analytics for Wordpress” plugin and tried ./console cache:clear, but that did not make a difference. Any hints how I can debug this?

O.K., this “healed itself” for me as well…

I was able to resolve this error by going to the plugins page and Deactivate then Reactivate the “Custom Dimensions” plugin.