"Acquisition date", "Days since first visit" filters and Cohorts. Piwik fails to count users by the date of their first visit

“Acquisition date” and “Days since first visit” filters seem to work incorrect.
I researched a bit and here’s an example for you:

This is an active user registered on May 15, 88 days ago (that corresponds with the info we have in our db).
Now if we put a filter: show me those with “days since first visit” = 88. (Just in case, I checked also 87 and 89). Nobody in the seclection.

It’s just an example to nail the issue, the system generally fails to filter users by this parameter.

Totally the same happens with the “acquisition date”. The system simply doesn’t attribute users with a given acquisition date despite of the fact that the users are in the piwik database and piwik does have this info (can be seen in a user profile).

With the cohorts same problem. Cohorts show me a 3-4% of a Day 1 retention, and then almost zero.

The actual numbers of course are way higher. If you breakdown it user by user you can see that the data is there, but the tool simply fails to find and count those users.

Please assist. Thanks.