Aclk? (adwords) not showing up

Hi Guys,
I don’t know whether anyone has experienced the exact same issue, but from searching the forum, no one has.
Basically I’m paying for adwords clicks from vaious campaigns and none of the referring keywords or anything is showing up. However, using another free analytics host (Heap), I’m able to find out that the users are coming in and google is displaying this type of URL WITHOUT any keywords!?!?:

From what I’ve gleaned, a gclk and an aclk are both adwords. Ok, that’s fine and they do correspond to the times (within the hour) that adwords says I was charged for the click.

Besides manually retagging each of my ads, is there anyway I can make google’s autotagging actually work? And it’s not just Piwik as I mentioned, Heap is showing that url as well, without any keywords.

However, with manually tagging keywords (email campaigns) Piwik works perfectly. Maybe someone can shed some light on this subject,