(jstock) #1

I have installed version 0.8.0 this morning. I have it working to log all visits, the actions are being logged correctly to the database.
The Live widget show that I have visitors today and in the last 30 minutes.
The rest of the Dashboard (Page Titles, Pages, Downloads, Outlinks) do not have any data on the dashboard.

When I start looking into this problem I find that nothing is being written to the archive_blob table, the archive_numeric table is getting data written to it without any problem.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Are you sure you are looking at the right date (ie. today) in the calendar?

(jstock) #3

This was a new install, there have been visits to the site everyday, I am sure of this because I have gone to the site myself.
Does not matter what day I am looking at the log_visit table, log_action, log_visit_action tables all have entries but the blob table has nothing in it, The archive_numeric table even has entries.