Account Executions Exceeding Hosting Limit

I am using Piwik to track a single low-traffic website (currently averaging 50 views a day), but my host is telling me I am exceeding my allotted account executions and that Piwik is the cause. Under the General Settings, Archiving Section, I have set the “Archive reports at most every X seconds” to 1800 to try to reduce the usage, but I am still having problems.

Is there some other modifications I should be making to the settings? I see that I can change the archiving to cron jobs, but is this necessary in my situation?


What host is limiting account executions (and what do they mean by that? That you can only run your php scripts a limited number of times? How exactly are they counted?)
How high is the limit?

As every time piwik is accessed it needs to run once (as this is the way php works) I can’t think of a way how to limit those.

I’d really recommend you to look for another host who doesn’t introduce arbitrary limits.