Accessing "Live" api data more regularly than daily


I’m using the Live api to retrieve data - my apologies if I am missing something obvious here but if I want to download data on an hourly basis for example, how would I do that? Here is the documentation of the api…

Live.getLastVisitsDetails (idSite, period = ‘’, date = ‘’, segment = ‘’, countVisitorsToFetch = ‘’, minTimestamp = ‘’, flat = ‘’, doNotFetchActions = ‘’, enhanced = ‘’)

The examples only show data at a “day” level - indeed the documentation states the form of “date” parameter as follows (no time option)


  • standard format = YYYY-MM-DD
  • magic keywords = today , yesterday , lastWeek , lastMonth or lastYear . These are relative the website timezone. For example, for a website with UTC+12 timezone, “date=today” for an API request at 5PM UTC on 2010-01-01 will return the reports for 2010-01-02. (Note: lastWeek , lastMonth and lastYear are only available as of Matomo 4.1)

I notice a “mintimestamp” parameter but no documentation on how to use it, I’ve tried some examples but it doesn’t seem to have an affect? I obviously don’t want to download data I’ve already downloaded from an hour ago and with it being “live” I want to access the data more frequently than daily.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!