Abusing Mailing List - Piwik » New Releases

Any idea why Piwik are abusing the new release mailing lists to send out different content ?

I have a rule on my email to alert me to specific emails the new release one being of key importance I think. However if Piwik abuse the lists to send out unrelated news items it is just a waste of my time.

Am I the only one who feels this way ?

This is the mail I got today … with nothing to do with new releases !!!

Piwik » New Releases

Piwik How To Videos

Posted: 11 Dec 2012 10:03 PM PST
Video Tutorials

Watch these videos to learn about how to Install, Configure and Use the many features of Piwik, the best Open Web Analytics platform.

Introduction to Piwik – Real Time Web Analytics – Video
Introduces the most useful features of Piwik: Dashboards and Widgets, Real Time Analytics, Various reports, Ecommerce tracking, Mobile Apps, Email Reports.
How to Install Piwik – Video
Explains how to download, and upload Piwik on a server, and how to install the software.
How to Configure Piwik – Video
Explains how to manage Websites, Users, Plugins, Privacy settings, and the Manage the Database size.
Video Tutorial to learn all about Piwik Analytics Reports – Video
This video gives an overview of Piwik Analytics Reports (Visitors, Actions, Referrers, Goals and Ecommerce, Email and SMS Reports) and other useful analysis features to make the most of your detailed visitors data.

Video Credits

wordsforwp Screencast, Copywriting, WordPress specialistThe videos screencasts were directed and edited by Siobhan from wordsforwp.com. Siobhan has also helped us with the website copywriting and we highly recommend her services! If you need help in your website or product, or with User documentation, Screencasts, User experience and Website copywriting, contact her.

Phoenix Voice over Artist
The voice on the videos is the voice of Phoenix, who has been working with sound for nearly 10 years. She’s not just incredibly skilled technically – she also has a natural, friendly, lovely voice that you might be interested in using for your next v/o job! Contact her via her website phoenixdk.co.uk
We Thank our wonderful Piwik sponsors for their generosity supporting the making of these videos. If you would like to help support and sustain Piwik, get in touch.

it was misclick and mistake from myself. If you’re offended you can unsuscribe, I cant promise it wont happen again as I have too many things to do and sometimes clicks too fast.

Thanks for the honest answer Matt, mistakes happen to us all.

I’ve received a new Piwik >> New Releases mail today, notifying me of the “all new Piwik 1.6”… Last time I’ve checked I was using 1.9.2… What’s going on?

Not sure what happened there neither. should be fine now