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Hello Matomo Teams!

If archiving of UA-CH is implemented in Matomo 4.12, will the archiving function of User Agent be lost?
Or is it possible to archive both User Agent and UA-CH?

@innocraft, do you have some clues?

Hi @okumuryu Matomo will detect both, so should work alongside user agents. You can learn more here: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/blob/ecae3ead0294d744b6a5fbd23d2f78a7f1ec1562/plugins/DevicesDetection/Controller.php#L28-L29

Thanks @V.K !
I saw the source of the program and somehow knew how it worked.
Let me ask you a basic question.
Why is there a difference in the source between Matomo builds and git?
For example, the composer is in a different position, the vendor is present only in the build version to begin with, etc.