About the Tag Manager

Hi @RonanChardonneau

What steps have to be taken to be able to use “tag manager” in PIWIK PRO?

Thank you

Hi there,

well… I have no idea as I don’t know Piwik PRO solution.
But here is the big picture, if you download Matomo on Matomo.org and that you pick up at least v3.7 you could use MTM on your instance.
If you would like to install MTM on a cloud infrastructure it is really up to your cloud provider to give you the possibility to do it or not. Most of cloud provider won’t allow you to install plugins I guess.

Hope that helps

Hi @victor1

Matomo Tag Manager is only compatible with the latest versions of Matomo. So the easiest way is to set up your own instance of the latest Matomo version.
If you want to migrate your Piwik Pro data to a self-hosted Matomo instance or to the hosted Matomo instance, you can reach out here: