About high traffic websites setting


I had a high traffic website,and I tried to setting that follow your step
while archive.sh was be processed,then I interrupted this prosess,when it have not finished yet
if I executed again,would it be implemented at the interrup position or initial position?

Another on questtion is I maked a test,when I accessed data in the database then I cleared a table’s data
(piwik_archive_blob_XXXX_XX and piwik_archive_numeric_XXXX_XX)
when I set “No” in the General Settings:Allow Piwik archiving to trigger when reports are viewed from
the browser,then I save and logout
but when I opened Internet Explorer and login,it will be triggered

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

A bug was fixed recently. Can you try the latest 1.1b5 and report if it is all working as expected for you?


(Fabian Becker) #3

Samuel, neither this Forum nor Piwik can help you to get a higher page rank. You can however use Piwik to analyse your visitors interest and optimize the page accordingly. If you need SEO assistance you might want to have a look at elance.com and hire someone.


[FYI My apologies for the confusion in this thread. I deleted Samuel’s post as it was spam – given that his web site offers SEO services – and then realized Fabian had replied to it. – vipsoft]