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Hi All

I have a question want to ask, follow the subject, today is 2011-01-07, Reasonable to say that graphic Information will be displayed Jan. 6, but graphic Information not display. I check database table piwik_archive_blob_2011_01 and piwik_archive_numeric_2011_01, These two forms have Jan. 6 datas…I attach image file…it is a bug??


I meet the same issue, especially on Safari. But on Firefox the graphic elements take time to load (I can see element frames before complete loading page — since the 1.1 version).


My FireFox Version is 3.6.8, It is browser’s problem can’t display information? If data has been calculated, the graphic elements will show the information,right?
but i can’t see any datas about Jan. 6

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

What timezones did you set for the websites?


Some to Europe/Paris, some to UTC


target website ?? or I am using the piwik analytics?? target website’s timezones is set to Asia/Taipei (UTC +8)…but i don’t know how to set piwik analytics timezones,

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waynehong on your screenshot you have to look at date1 and date2, they show January 3. Are you sure there are record for Jan 6 ?