Ability to use now or today in custom date range?

Thanks for another (almost) release - very happy with 1.3rc so far!

I love that there is the option for custom date ranges now, HOWEVER:

I’d like to create a page for reporting that embeds widgets (iframe) for visitor stats, etc…

I’ve tried setting the range to something like 2011-02-10,today or 2011-02-10,now so that the widgets will always be “up to date” without having to go in and change the HTML every day… I even saw in one of the errors from piwik that any date supported by strtotime (e.g. today, now, yesterday, etc…) SHOULD work.

Does this actually work? Is there a way to embed a widget such that it always includes the latest statistics?


Thanks for the suggestion, it is now implemented in SVN. Can you please try SVN or I will publish a new RC in a few hours so if you can test extensively thanks!