A mistake in Realtime Map

Tibet appers to be an independent country in the Real-time map but actually it is NOT. Please fix it or wait to be completely blocked from Chinese users.

ja i have a problem with this as well
it just seems to look a little bit stange
as i have customers in that part of the world as well
and one of our infotech people is from that part of asia
he also might feel a little bit weird about this
are there alternatives to this?

and from the detailled information from the UNO
tibet does not seem to be a country
but south-sudan does

i havent checked regarding kosovo
some countries in europe regardit independent
others dont

also a little bit weird that i found «Taiwan, Province of China» in my HD-copy of the piwik
thankfully in europe you dont get this problems with CH/AT/LI/DE

Not to get too political, but what would you guys suggest as the best solution to this? A better interface for defining countries/borders on the map so it can be updated to fit within a certain viewpoint? For example, compared to Google Maps, there is no country of Jammu and Kashmir on the Piwik map… that could be bad for Indian and Pakistani users. So should we allow them to modify the map to fit their viewpoint, but only on their installs? Personally I don’t see any not, I’m just interested in what others think.

I think there is a canonical world map that we need to implement in Piwik. Even if certain countries don’t recognize others, Tibet, for example, is officially part of China.