A few log_import questions

I’m playing around with the log_import function of piwik. Our Apache generates about 20GB of logfile data each month. By trying to use the log_import script I only get around 15 entries/sec, which of course is by far not enough to import even the data of one month to test things. The database is running on a different server than my webserver, but they have a good connection, so I do see that it might be slower, but that slow? I get the feeling that something else is wrong with my setup. Maybe someone can put me in the right direction?

The second problem I have is that somehow the data isn’t interpreted right. For some reason I always get “Browser - unknown”, and IP-address:,… But this data is in the logfile. Here are a few lines out of that logfile, maybe someone is able to help me out:

134.109.x.x#host.domain.de - - [01/Jan/2012:00:00:20 +0100] "GET /robots.txt HTTP/1.1" 200 345 "-" - 0
172.28.x.x#host.domain.de - - [31/Jan/2012:23:59:57 +0100] "GET /stuwe/joomla/templates/stuwe/images/bildleiste-allgemein2.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 45455 "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100506 BonEcho/" http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/stuwe/joomla/templates/stuwe/css/template.css 0

I just realized that I posted in the wrong forum, can someone move the topic to general questions, please?