A/B testing results not showing in report


Hello, i have set an A/B test but the report is empty.

  • when looking in the visitor log i see the visits marked as part of my a/b test
  • my test is in status running
  • i am also sending a trackEvent from within the variation activate function

so i dont know why i can not see any thing in the report,
any help would be welcome
Thanks, Tal

(Jason) #2

Hi There.

Do you see any archiving errors at all? Is this the only report that contains no data?


only after the test was done i could see the results,
is this the normal way of operation ?
can i see the results before the end of the test ?

(Jason) #4


Sorry for the delay. The results should appear after an archiving run. If you try and see the report during the test, what do you see? Can you provide a screenshot?