A/B Test does not show data for original Page


I have created an A/B test and somehow in Matomo I only get / see data for the variant.
What I have done is simply created an A/B test that does a 50/50 split of users landing on a page that starts with domain/path/subpath/.
I ran the test through an incognito browser and can see in the local store that the test is correctly mapped to either original or variant.

Any idea why I can’t see data for the original?
I am using Matomo Cloud and Tag Manager, the test script is included after Tag Manager.

Could this cause the issue?
Would it make sense to add the test script before Tag Manager?

Hi @Wildchild ,

Please get in touch with our Cloud support at sypport@matomo.cloud, so that our Support team can manage your request efficiently and the response would be quicker.