65535 max actions in one visit

As far as I understood, this should figure the total number of requests of the visitor with the most requests. My feeling is, that no visitor will request such a huge number of websites (of course, it could be a script).

  • Is the number true which seems to be at the upper limit of a smallint (or so).
  • How to find out the visitor or script behind that requests? Exporting the ‘visitor log’ into csv ends at a limited quantity of requests.

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Edward if you start by selecting one day at a time can you isolate the day such a large request was made?

Once you have the day, can you do a referers and pages report to see if one there stands out?

SELECT * FROM `piwik_log_visit` ORDER BY `visit_total_actions` DESC LIMIT 10

This will return top ten visits with most actions …