6 out of 7 tracking but

I have a set of 7 sites I am attempting to get Piwik running on a single separate domain.

5 are Magento and 2 are Wordpress. None have the plugin/extension for Piwik, tried but they did not work.

2 are SSL 1-Magento 1-Wordpress. It’s the mage SSL that I can’t get to work. It did work for a day.

Some things I have tried is moving Piwik code in header, footer and install/remove extension.

I am at whits end and know at this point it is something simple.
Can anyone spot my problem?

Thanks! Bullwinkle

The magento and wordpress extension do work for thousands of people. what do you meant hey dont work ?

They don’t work for me. I am not interested in the 1000’s as they also did for me at one time.

Why would I want to go to the WP or mage sites separately when I set all 7 of them on one domain to view?

my point is not that it doesn’t work for you, but what is the problem exactly? “Not working” is too vague for us to help you efficiently

OK forget I ever said plugin or extension.

I have 7 sites set to run (6 are running) Piwik on a single domain.

6 of them show a graph of a line going up and counts the number of visitors. Attached the graph.

1 isn’t working is on Magento, but 4 of the working sites are (on Magento.)

I have tried numerous attempts to fix this issue and the non working “one” is currently mirrored exactly as the the 4 working Magento sites. Things I have tried is moving Piwik code in header, footer install/remove extension and I am sure other useless fixes.

All of the sites run on their own instance.


It looks like they all have visits being tracked?